High-Performance Exterior Coatings

Witmer Coatings, LLC. specializes in the application of high-performance exterior coatings for commercial buildings. We protect and enhance exterior finishes constructed with EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), stucco, brick, stone, concrete, all types of masonry and more. Our services include:

EIFS, Dryvit® and Stucco Cleaning
EIFS, Dryvit® and Stucco Recaulking
EIFS, Dryvit® and Stucco Coatings
EIFS, Dryvit® and Stucco Repairs

after-4Your building's appearance can say a lot about your business. When potential customers see a faded and worn exterior, they may also see them as a reflection on your business. Witmer Coatings focuses on protecting and enhancing the exterior of commercial buildings constructed with EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems), stucco, brick, stone, concrete, masonry – and more.

We partner with architects, engineers, general contractors, facility managers and building owners on large commercial coatings projects such as schools, medical facilities, high-rises, and large apartment buildings. We understand the challenges construction professionals face when it comes to commercial exterior coatings. We consider the various building fascia materials that require different coatings, estimation of materials and labor costs, environmental conditions, water issues, and the specialized equipment required to complete the job safely and accurately. We also work around the business owners schedule to ensure least amount of interruption to their operations.

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