Your Career at TWG

Whether you’re a master craftsperson, or just building your skills base, consider The Witmer Group. When you work for the premier specialty services masonry contractor in the Mid-Atlantic States, you’ve got both an edge in your field, and a family.

Your Career at The Witmer Group - watch the video!

We honor the individual. If you’re a hard worker, motivated to learn, with a positive outlook and a willingness to work as a team for shared goals, you’re the Witmer ideal. We support our employee’s ambitions with the understanding that their success is shared success. If you take your career growth seriously, we’re behind you every step of the way – we foster growth, provide training, and encourage advancement from within.

We provide superior benefits. Paid vacation and holidays; life insurance and short-term disability insurance; Employee Assistance Program; matched retirement plans; packages for medical, dental and vision plans – superior benefits because that’s what you want for your family, and with Witmer you’re part of the family.

We keep you informed and educated. Our goal is to keep lines of communication open – in both directions; we want our employees to stay in the loop, and to have a voice in the company. We are committed to providing skills and safety training, catering to all skill levels, and on a regular basis. You’ll benefit from well-equipped training facilities and extensive resources – after all, by expanding our employee’s skills sets, we all benefit. For more on our training programs, click here.

We keep it interesting. When you’re aligned with an award-winning and nationally recognized contractor, you’re assured the benefits of innovation and dedication to your craft. With four distinct divisions, and working side by side with the best in the field, there is opportunity to hone your craft into a variety of skill sets. And with broad skill sets, doors open. They say “variety is the spice of life” – at Witmer, you’re on hugely diverse job sites and guaranteed something new every day.

We keep you safe. Your safety is paramount. We minimize the risk by keeping you informed, by requiring extensive initial safety training and regular supplemental trainings, by putting the best safety equipment the industry has to offer on the job with you, and by training you as to best practices regarding that equipment. With Witmer, there’s an open door policy: if you see a potential hazard, you have the right and obligation to stop work – we want and need to know right away. We take the motto “we’ve got your back” very seriously.

Why Witmer? For your career.

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